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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Office 6x14 - "Sabre"

Congratulations to Ed Helms for being promoted to the opening credits! The Office producers did the right thing since their star only happens to also star in the biggest comedy of 2009. (Or is it officially the biggest comedy of all time at this point?)

So much good stuff in this comeback episode (clip shows don't count, even with 30% new footage) directed by John Krasinski.

"Scissors me!" and Pam's horrified reaction.

Dwight with the tray of hot dogs, not having anywhere to put them, and finally setting them on the floor.

No one knowing how to pronounce "Sabre", leading into Andy and Erin's parody of "Party in the USA". "Dunder Mifflin is a part of Sabray!" Amazing. And they keep finding all-new ways to keep Andy and Erin apart that still seem completely plausible considering their characters.

The awkward humor of Jim and Pam at the day care center and their meeting not going well. "Did you ever consider the meeting's not going well because you two aren't as charming as you think you are?"

The bathrobe house-haunting sad sack David Wallace turned into.

Michael couldn't quit this time, even though he again felt disrespected. He can't form another Michael Scott Paper Company. I liked how his visit with Wallace made him realize it's better to have a job that isn't fun than to have no job at all.

Lastly, the episode touched on the very real disappointment of your workplace blocking access to time-wasting Internet sites. I've been through that. It's horrible.