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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Community 1x16 - "Communication Studies"

Community is the only NBC show tonight that didn't utilize any stunt guest stars for their Valentine's Day episode, but who needs celebrity cameos when you have Abed liberally utilized throughout the episode?

Abed has been peripheral for a few episodes and they've been smart to not overuse him. Abed hasn't been this well used since he was Batman on Halloween. Loved the drunk Abed and Jeff Breakfast Club homage, Jeff "breaking" Abed during their hangover, Abed directing his movie (he's actually pretty good at giving direction), and Jeff calling him a "beige praying mantis".

Also loved everything Senor Chang did, especially when Annie and Shirley were watching him eat in the cafeteria and Chang's eyes were darting side to side.

There seems to be a little character rehab going on with Britta too. They're taking steps to make her more likable.

Abed: "Do you like Britta?"
Jeff: "Who doesn't like Britta?"
Abed: "Over fifty percent of the people who've met her."

For the record, I like Britta.

"Movie reference."