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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost 6x5 - "The Lighthouse"

Not Lost Jack's son is a Jonas Brother. Was that Zac Efron moppy hairstyle for teenage boys already in vogue back in 2004?

I have a soft spot for stories of parents trying to connect with their kids. I loved the look of pride in Jack's face watching David play piano, and the look of shame when he told Not Lost Dogen he didn't know how long David has been playing. This Jack has what it takes to be a good father, in stark contrast to the other Jack.

But why doesn't Not Lost Jack remember when he had his appendix taken out?

"I'm a candidate and I can do what I want." "Have you ever tried to get Jack to do something? It's impossible."

Jacob seems to really like Hurley. Not just because Hurley does what he says, but he seems to genuinely like the guy. I loved how Hurley Sarah Palined Jacob's instructions on his arm and how he "lied to a samurai". Jacob turns up when he wants "like Obi-Wan Kenobi".

Loved the old school Jack and Hurley wandering through the jungle on a mission they don't understand. Finding Shannon's inhaler. The caves and the Adam and Eve skeletons. Jack telling Hurley how he found the caves and why he smashed the coffin.

Good meta-comment on the Lighthouse ("Why haven't we ever seen this before?") Kate was on the wheel at number 51. Number 108 is someone named "Wallace". Of course, Jack had to lose it and go smashy-smashy on the wheel. Jacob's cool with that. He'd dead anyway, all his stuff being broken will all be his replacement's problem eventually.

Poor black Other. Evil Claire axed him a question and he didn't have the right answer. Kate is so fucked when she finally finds Claire and tells her where Aaron is.

The mock Aaron in Evil Claire's crib looked like the bones of the jackal that sired the Anti-Christ at the end of The Omen.

So it's now safe to say it was the Smoke Monster who was in Jacob's cabin, probably animating Christian back when we saw him and Claire in there a couple of seasons ago. If it's the Smoke Monster who animated Christian's corpse, then it was the Smoke Monster who lead Jack to the caves.

"You have what it takes."