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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost 6x1, 6x2 - "LA X, Parts 1 and 2"

Sayid Jarrah, I presume? Or is that Jacob inhabiting Sayid's body the way the Smoke Monster is walking around as John Locke?

"It worked." I take Juliet's last words to mean that by detonating the bomb, the flash created a concurrent spin off, Not Lost, where the original Oceanic 815ers minus Shannon, all got to LA and get to have all new adventures where some of them still randomly meet each other.

The shot of the Island underwater was awesome.

What I don't get is if it's 2004 again in Not Lost, why is Jack's hair long? Why doesn't he have a buzz cut? (I hope the answer isn't "We couldn't figure out a wig for Matthew Fox to wear on Lost, so we didn't buzz his hair in the Not Lost scenes.)

The flash also set Juliet to a new life in New York as an FBI agent and single mom leading a resistance against alien lizard Visitors.

I liked that they worked in Frogurt and Arzt. And I liked that even in an alternate life, Boone and Locke got to meet and had a brief little friendship that didn't get Boone killed (yet?). And in this life or the next, the Marshal is still a gigantic tool. But why was Desmond on Oceanic 815 flying from Sydney to LA?

I was also trying to follow the logic of why, if Hurley, Jin, Kate, and Jack were hoping to bring dying Sayid to the Temple for a crazy magical cure, they didn't bring Juliet's corpse for the same crazy magical cure? The easy answers are Sawyer wouldn't hear of it and Jacob didn't say nuthin' to Hurley about bringing Juliet's body along, but still.

I like that even after all this time, there are still elaborate locations on the Island to newly discover. The Temple set was cool and I liked the one armed skeleton of the Frenchman still in the tunnels. Though for some reason the Others in the Temple still dress like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. How does Others hierarchy work where some get assigned to lead cushy barrack lives while others live in the Temple of Doom and wear rags?

I have to say, I never saw it coming nor had any thought in the direction that the Smoke Monster is a person and is in fact the nemesis of Jacob. That was a great reveal. But when Sayid, Jack, Kate, and Jin were in the Temple tunnels and they saw the Frenchman's corpse, Jin said "the smoke monster" got him. I've completely lost track of which characters have seen the smoke monster and know it's a smoke monster. Won't they be surprised when they find out more about the smoke monster.

The day-for-night changes were weird. Sayid was laying in the van dying for an awfully long time while the others got the mess with Juliet in the hole sorted out. Same with Richard and the group waiting outside the Four Toed Foot, hanging there clueless long after the team Elena sent in were murdered by Smoke Locke.

I can probably think of more questions but the promo for next episode said THE TIME FOR QUESTIONS IS OVER. So okay, I guess I'll just happily eat up the answers.

I'm just so GD happy to have Lost back for this final season.