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Friday, February 12, 2010

Parks and Recreation 2x16 - "Galentine's Day"

The writers couldn't have known how timely Leslie's warning to "stay away from John Mayer" would end up being this week. That was a lucky break.

The "most romantic story ever told" about Leslie's mother meeting the lifeguard ending with "and a few years later, she met my father" was awesome.

So much depth and character work this week.

April's growth where she sees the Parks and Rec group as her real friends, her softening and her sentimentality showing, her making moves toward Andy, cockblocking (not the right term) Ann, and finally breaking up with her gay boyfriend only made her dreamier.

Andy and his band Mouse Rat were just awesome. Everything Andy related - especially yelling at the guy who was waiting for his shoe shine - was awesome.

Ann finally started to realize what I've thought about her and Mark since they got together - they are one boring ass couple. I did like that among Mark's barrage of cliched Valentine's Day gifts, he gave her the Heart of the Ocean.

They resolved Tom and his ex-wife but more importantly, Tom and his man crush on Justin continues, even after Leslie realized Justin is a selfish douche and dumped him. (Man, do I miss Louis CK.)

The regular crew is so good, they didn't even really need John Larroquette nervously puking every few minutes. He'll always be Dan Fielding to me.

And a DUKE SILVER reference!

Just like Duke Silver, Mouse Rat has a website!