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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost 6x3 - "What Kate Does"

Sayid and Han Solo have something in common: being tortured and then saying "They didn't even ask me any questions!" That Other jackass Aldo who Kate beat up also called her "Princess" - Star Wars reference number 2.

Boy, for a professional torturer, Sayid really turned into a wussy when the electrical shock clamps were on his nipples for a change. "They tortured me! And they were such assholes about it. No chit chat, no threats, nothing!" I think his professional pride was offended as much as he was in incredible pain.

I liked Hurley asking Sayid if he's a zombie. Zombies don't scream and cry when being tortured, so highly unlikely.

An abundance of good one liners and character stuff this week. Sawyer's sarcastic "He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids, so of course he deserves a second chance." Aw.

Hurley: "Private talks freak me out because they usually leave me having to do something that I don't understand."

Miles: "As you can see, Hugo has assumed the leadership role, so that's great." "We'll be in the food court if you need us."

I love the Not Lost scenes. I especially like how Kate and Claire got so chummy after she hijacked her cab, the Puppet Master from Heroes driving the cab ran off, and Kate left Claire stranded on the side of the road, then felt bad when she found out Claire was pregnant.

Some may quibble about Claire trusting Kate after that but think about it, the crazy lady in handcuffs waving the gun is still the only person Claire knows in LA. Aaron's two moms are BFFs. Plus, Dr. Ethan (Goodspeed?) isn't such a dick in Not Lost.

On the Island, Poor Kate finally found out Sawyer had moved on. He and Juliet were for realz, yo. They were like Romeo and Juliet except they ended in tragedy!

I also liked that Jin and Kate both blew out of the temple. They're the two 815 Originals who are on the Island looking for specific people, so yeah, hanging out in the temple ain't gonna do for them. They've got business to take care of.

The reveal at the end totally threw me for a loop. I was convinced since season four that Claire died when the rocket blew up her house in New Otherton and what was walking around and was sighted since then was an Island Construct (which I guess was since revealed to be Black Smokey Man). But now we find out Claire is the new Rousseau.

But there's a darkness in her, says Dogen, that claimed her as Sayid will soon be claimed. Does this mean Sayid will also eventually set bear traps and tripwired nets full of rocks around the Island?

Neo could have told Jack not to take the green pill. Red pill, blue pill, sure, either's good. But not green. Never green. Whoa.

How awesome was Kate this episode? Seriously. She was more bad ass than she's been in entire seasons. "What Kate Does" was a reminder of the promise of season one Kate (before she got put in the pretty dress and the bear cage with Sawyer in season 3). Kate is supposed to be resourceful and dangerous.

Kate's biggest flaw is that when her two tall men are around, she fades to their side and makes the pretty eyes at them. Why, even last night, Kate only got proactive because she wanted to get with Sawyer. If Kate laid the smackdown on the Others on a more regular basis like she did when she punked out Aldo and made the black guy eat a net full of rocks in the face, she'd have the Island cred Sayid has.