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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost 6x4 - "The Substitute"

"This is the weirdest damned funeral I've ever been to."

I'm glad they finally got around to burying Locke's corpse before the sand crabs ate his eyes and stuff. They just left Locke laying there spilled halfway out of the crate for a whole day.

I liked Ben admitting he murdered Locke but lying about murdering Jacob. He's got an aversion to being smacked around or worse. It happens so often and he's still got his injuries from the last time he got punched repeatedly in the face.

Are we to infer that with the Island sunk to the bottom of the sea in the flash-sideways, Jacob never visited any of the 815ers and touched them, thereby ruining their lives by steering them towards the Island?

Sideways John Locke is a lot better off. Peggy Bundy never left him, he got a better job as a substitute teacher thanks to his boss Hugo Reyes and Rose, and for all we know his fellow teacher Ben Linus probably won't murder him. I wonder if Arzt teaches at that same school? All Sideways Locke lacks is his faith, but isn't he better off without it? Either way, John Locke is concurrently one of the most pitiful yet admirable characters ever on television. Even though he's dead, I love these flash-sideways for letting us hang out with him again.

"Locke was always scared, even when he was pretending he wasn't." But he could hunt a mean boar when he had to.

In any reality, Hurley is consistently a good guy. And fat, but in a good way.

Sawyer sitting in his underpants getting drunk was just like that Battlestar Galactica flashback where Adama found Tigh sitting in his underwear getting drunk, except Sawyer didn't start a fire.

Smoke Monster POV is pretty cool. I liked how he took a tour of New Otherton, since the sonic fence usually kept him out of it.

I loved Richard running up to Sawyer and then running off after Smoke Locke came back from chasing the Peter Pan kid.

"Who were you talking to?"
"No one. Did you catch that kid?"
"What kid?"
"All righty then."
"See, James? We're getting along just fine."

Massive mythology reveal about Jacob looking for candidates to replace him as the Island's protector. A substitute, if you will.  I didn't see Kate's name and number in chalk on the cave wall. Or maybe it's there but they just didn't point it out.

Smokey Locke makes a lot of sense. His arguments seem more rational than Jacob's "do as I say, shut up and don't ask questions" approach. Are we sure he's the evil one?