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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Quick results:

The Miz slapped Daniel Bryan after making him cut a promo in the ring to "show personality". Bryan got a good line in about wishing his Pro was William Regal, but you get what you get.

Christian and Heath Slater (the team of Christian Slater) defeated Carlito and Michael Tarver when Christian pinned Tarver with the Kill Switch.

David Otunga (with R-Truth) defeated Darren Young (with CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society) in a squash.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho (with Wade Barrett) defeated Daniel Bryan by submission with the Lion Tamer. The Miz attacked Bryan afterwards.

For everyone who couldn't understand how NXT would be different from Tough Enough: NXT is a work. Tough Enough was real. No parameters were given for how a Rookie is supposed to "win" NXT. Some Pros liked their Rookies, others like CM Punk hated theirs.

Daniel Bryan was the main focus of the episode. I'd never seen him before and he's stunningly little, but I liked him. There was a nasty, ugly spot where Bryan dove through the ropes and Jericho tossed him ribs and kidney-first into the hard edge of the announce table. Bryan was visibly bruised, but almost made Jericho tap, before Jericho reached the ropes, countered with a Codebreaker, and whipped out the old school Lion Tamer to get the submission. Really good match and debut for Daniel Bryan.

The booking was weird. Why have Christian get the win over the opposing Rookie? What was with the weird, quick squash Otunga did on Young?

However, I loved how the Straight Edge Society hated their Rookie Darren Young. Punk even cut a promo: "I don't even know what I'm doing on this show." I especially loved how Serena hated Young, even though just a few weeks ago she was FCW too before accepting straightedge into her life.

The announce team was Matt Striker backstage with Michael Cole and Josh Matthews doing the commentary. The point of Cole being there became clear in the main event when Cole completely shit over Bryan's accomplishments in the indies, said he'd "never even heard of him before NXT", and then shit all over everyone who blogs, Twitters, or reads dirt sheets.

It was pretty amazing that A) NXT went out of their way to acknowledge the Internet and smart fans and B) took a crap over all of them/me. But it was also savvy of WWE to place Cole as the ignorant, corporate voice of WWE regurgitating everything Vince McMahon was probably screaming into his headset while Josh Matthews extoled the virtues of the "smart" Internet.

Oh, and Wade Barrett is a better Drew McIntyre than Drew McIntyre.  

This just Tweeted:

RT @WWEUniverse: Michael Cole has requested his @WWEUniverse profile be removed, not wanting to associate with "online fans" #WWE

And there we are. Michael Cole is the biggest heel in NXT and on the Internet.