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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Community 1x8 - "Home Economics"

"Getting Rid of Britta" should be on iTunes. "She's a GD B!"  
Troy and Annie are the new Jim and Pam. Except different, since Troy's black, they're both 18, go to community college, Troy's oblivious to Annie's liking him and not in denial about it like Pam was, etc.

Troy and Annie skyrocketed in the last couple of weeks to being my favorite characters on this show. Well, Annie was already there, but Troy is now up there with her. I also liked Shirley's facial expressions in the background during all the scenes Annie gave Troy advice.

Great cameo by Patton Oswalt as "Male Nurse." The condoms and Troy's "I'll be thinking of you" to Annie killed me.

Abed is awesome.