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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

V 1x2 - "There Is No Normal Anymore"

Not quite the episode 2 I was hoping for. I read a review of the pilot last week that said something to the effect that V was like a cop procedural with aliens in the background. "There Is No Normal Anymore" really felt like that.

I can't help but compare to the original miniseries where by the end of hour 2 the Resistance was set up, all the main characters knew each other, and we knew the Visitors were evil and what they were generally up to. By the end of hour 2 now, we know... not too much new from what we knew by the end of hour one. We know not to trust anyone.

Don't trust anyone.  How fitting that the motto of V is the same as a certain Texas Rattlesnake.

I did like Lisa turning her back on Tyler because he punched out the protester. Tyler was trying to be all macho and impress the hot alien girl whose people's motto is "We are of peace. Always."

I feel like the Visitors' dialogue is ending up on the cutting room floor. Scenes end right before Anna starts saying something really interesting. The Visitors need personalities, stat.