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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

V 1x3 - "A Bright New Day"

Erica Evans, Hero of the Visitors.  There should be an Erica Evans Day on the V motherships.

Big step up in story and character from last week.  The Resistance leadership is finally being formed, but the Fifth Column within the Visitors is an even cooler major development.  The references to "reconnecting" and "bliss" are interesting. The Vs' monitor screens linked to their swanky blue jacket cameras are cool. The more we find out about those damned dirty lizards, the better.

I also liked Ryan's threat that the Visitors would skin Cyrus alive.  The Vs skin each other?  Into what, suitcases and belts?  "See these sweet boots I'm wearing?  I used to know this guy.  He was a dick."

We spent a lot more time with the Visitors and this week, it didn't seem like scenes ended prematurely right when Anna was about to say something interesting.  I liked Anna's rehearsal of her speech to Mary Faulkner, right down to fake (crocodile) tears.  Anna must have studied Method acting on the Visitor homeworld.

Thumbs way up to Lisa's quick thinking of getting into her underpants rather than Erica seeing her in her uniform.  Lisa's mother (Anna!) didn't hatch no dummy.

Now that the Visitors have visas, do they have the same "diplomatic immunity" the South Africans in Lethal Weapon 2 had?