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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Community 1x10 - "Environmental Science"

Community is a very musical sitcom. There's been an unusual amount of singing and/more musical interludes in the 10 episodes that have aired.

This week felt like the show's first cruise control episode. It was good, but getting to know Senor Chang meant that none of the hot-button issues, like Troy and Annie or Jeff and Britta were dealt with. The Jeff and Annie flirtation from last week may have been just a one off. And Britta has yet to be shown meeting Professor Duncan for therapy as punishment for cheating in Spanish. I wonder when or if they'll get to that?

That said, I thought the editing at the end of the three main storylines intercutting was pretty awesome. And I like that Pierce is finally gaining respect in the group, first from Britta last week and now from Shirley, instead of being ostracized for being old, creepy, and insane.

I also must agree:

@danharmon Have to agree RT @agramsci #Community highlight was @AlisonBrie as the choo choo! @yvettenbrown @kenjeong were both great too