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Friday, November 13, 2009

Community 1x9 - "Debate 109"

The title is clever. Instead of 101, this episode being 1x09.

All right, show of hands, how many of us had the exact same reaction Jeff did when Annie let her hair down and let her milky heaving bosom dangle over Jeff's shoulder?

Personally, I side with the belief that Man is Good, but I loved how the show made me despise that position by having that irritating jerk in the wheelchair defend it. This is why I watch pro wrestling: wheelchair or not, if the guy in it is a jerk you don't like, you can still kick his ass and have the crowd on your side for it. In no other walk of life is that acceptable.

Anyway, I actually hope they don't pursue Jeff and Annie, just because of the age difference. She is only 18. He's what, twice her age? It's a bit much. That would wrinkle my brain.