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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

V 1x4 - "It's Only The Beginning"

I want some of that Bliss.  That was a pretty cool sequence.  Anna can make Vs feel real, real good.

So that's their plan!  They're pretending they have a miracle cure but really, they're fucking with our flu shots. It's so simple!  No, it isn't - it's needlessly complicated.  And it's also the very same plan Homer Simpson uncovered when he was Mr. X that got him banished to the Island in their parody of The Prisoner.

If I understand Visitor math correctly, Ryan and Valerie's baby will be half black, half Hispanic, and half lizard.

The new Resistance kind of blunders around and yet manages to get stuff accomplished.  I thought Georgie was a skilled rebel survivor who's been fighting Vs for a long time or something but no, he's just a greasy dude who doesn't know what he's doing and got himself shot. Where was Georgie after Erica, Jack and Ryan blew up the warehouse?  Did they just leave him in the car and forget about him?

I'm disappointed we didn't get to see the skinning.  Four episodes in and we still haven't seen the lizard within except for the brief shot of Dale's eye.  It's kind of weird how Visitors have all this super medical science but they use scalpels to skin each other.  Or maybe that's just Visitor punishment, going medieval on each other's asses.

I wish they went the extra mile and developed a Visitor spoken language so that when Vs are speaking to each other on their ships with no humans around, they're not speaking English.

I like the Visitor suicide method.  Vs about to kill themselves should yell out, "Kiss my ash, human!"

Tyler doesn't seem like he ever plans on going back home.  He's on a motherfuckin' spaceship with his hot blonde alien girlfriend and her hot mother.  He's in teenage boy paradise.

The ending was very encouraging.  Father Jack taking a shiv in the gut was a nice surprise.  The final shot of the Visitor fleet heading for Earth was pretty bad ass.

In the original V, the Visitors were from Sirius.  I hope in March, 2010 we learn what galaxy they're from and what the Visitors' name for their race is.  They can't possibly refer to themselves as "the Visitors" to each other.