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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Office 6x10 - "Shareholder's Meeting"

Re-Cyclops! I liked the parade of receptionists over the past five years. (Who can forget Ronni? Okay, I had to look her up.)

Loved Jim putting Ryan in his place, literally. Jim vs. Ryan has been brewing since Jim got back from Stamford and Ryan was sitting at his old desk. And Ryan was an absolute dick to him when he had Jan's old job. Jim finally succeeded in doing something as a manager that Michael would never have done.

I noticed the hotel they used for the shareholder's meeting was the same one they used last season on the "Business Trip" to Winnepeg. That one also involved Michael, Oscar, and Andy on a field trip from Scranton.

Too bad those stuck up corporate assholes who run Dunder Mifflin didn't get that all Michael Scott wanted to do was get a pop from the crowd.

They're really setting the stage for Dunder Mifflin to go under. I'm very curious where this major storyline is going.