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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Smallville 9x9 - "Pandora"



Smallville's "Days of Future Past" shows us the future Lois Lane traveled to at the end of last season: Where a red sun hangs above the world and General Zod's Kandorians are at full power and in control.

It felt a lot like a Deep Space Nine "alternate future" or Mirror Universe episode, especially with the way the sets were repurposed where you remember they're on a TV budget and you kind of have to just go with it. In this case, the Kent Farm became a prison camp for surviving humans while the Luthor Mansion is General Zod's new pad. That's right, after becoming ruler of Earth Major Zod promoted himself to General. For a guy all about people kneeling in his presence, Zod is weirdly humble when it comes to titles.

Meanwhile, in our time, Lois is in a coma and is kidnapped by Tess and her Male Chloe. Tess wants to see what Lois is remembering in her coma so she plugs herself into Lois' mind. What she sees is not great: Zod built his solar tower, which turned the sun red. This gave the Kandorians their full superpowers but robbed Clark of his. 

Lois and Clark are herded into the Luthor Mansion but are rescued by the human resistance lead by Chloe and Oliver (where is Speedy?), armed with bad ass Kryptonite arrows. (Kandorians are not faster than speeding arrows? OK.) The Kandorians flee but Chloe has the chance to kill Tess and shoots a K arrow right in her babymaker. Tess dies in Oliver's arms.

Later, Chloe manages to plant a virus in Zod's solar tower that turns the sun back yellow. Chloe dies on the streets of Metropolis when the female Kandorian who follows Lois back to our time runs her through with a samurai sword, begging the question why Kandorians with all those powers need weapons. Clark also dies after sending Lois back in time via the Legion ring.

In the future (and it's getting there in our present), Clark and Chloe are not friends. Chloe can't forgive Clark for abandoning the Justice League, going off to fight Zod on his own and failing miserably. However, Lois and Clark have moved far beyond mere flirtation. In the future, Clark and Lois get in on all naked and sweaty, and in our present when it's all over, Clark finally more or less declares he wants to be Lois' (Super)boyfriend.

The ending of the episode was one I wasn't expecting. Clark, who also plugged into Lois' memories and saw the future, decided that fighting Zod would mean the end of the world. Against Chloe and Oliver's protests, Clark decides to try the unusual and novel approach of befriending Zod. Clark finds Zod and the Kandorians, at which point, at Zod's command, they all, "Kneel before Kal-El!"

And that's all the Smallville we get for 2009. Next new episode is January 22, 2010, a very long away-seeming time from now. But they showed clips of Smallville: Absolute Justice in the preview for the second half of the season and that caused probably my greatest Smallville fanboy flip out since Christopher Reeve guest starred in season 2.